A Guide On The Australian Partner Visa

The Australian partner visa allows you to live in the country if you are a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. If you wish to apply for this visa, read the excerpt below for some useful tips.  Partner Visa Categories The partner visa is categorised into onshore and offshore visas. An onshore visa is for applicants who live in Australia (it could be you are on another visa), while the offshore visa is for people residing outside Australia. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Your Visa Application May Be Rejected

The immigration department will reject your visa application if you do not meet the set requirements. Knowing the reasons for visa refusal will guide you as you apply for your Australian visa. So, what are these reasons? Read the article below.  Submission of Fake Documents The department conducts a thorough evaluation of the documents you submit to ensure they are genuine. You may be tempted to provide a fake identification card or bank statement to improve your chances of getting a visa. Read More 

General Eligibility Requirements for Business Visitor Visas

Modern businesspersons cannot afford to miss on the opportunities available in other countries. Restricting yourself to local markets can limit the potential of your enterprise. Ideally, collaborating with people from other countries can bring new perspectives on how you do things in your firm, expand your customer base and grow your profits. Business visits to other nations are a good place to start for any businessperson that's looking to take their organisation to the next level. Read More