A Guide On The Australian Partner Visa

The Australian partner visa allows you to live in the country if you are a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. If you wish to apply for this visa, read the excerpt below for some useful tips. 

Partner Visa Categories

The partner visa is categorised into onshore and offshore visas. An onshore visa is for applicants who live in Australia (it could be you are on another visa), while the offshore visa is for people residing outside Australia. The visa can either be temporary or permanent. If you want to make Australia your permanent home, you could apply for a permanent visa. Once you have a permanent visa, you can commence your application for Australian citizenship.

How To Increase Your Visa Approval Chances

Below are a few ways to ensure a successful application: 

Consider The Services Of An Immigration Attorney

Some applicants forego the services of an immigration lawyer in a bid to cut the application costs. However, this is a significant oversight since, more often than not, their application gets rejected. The primary benefit of an immigration lawyer is that they have a comprehensive understanding of the application process and the immigration law. Therefore, they will inform you of the documents required and will handle correspondence with the immigration department as they review your application. 

Provide Factual Information

Some applicants will provide fake documents and information in a bid to increase their chances of visa approval. If you do this, it is unlikely that your visa will get approved. Worse off, the department could prohibit you from making a subsequent visa application. The department conducts background checks to ascertain the information that you provide. Therefore, it is always advisable, to be honest. If you do not have particular documents, you will have an opportunity to explain your case during the follow-up process. 

Prepare For Interviews

If the department is satisfied with your application, your case officer will interview you to gauge your eligibility for the visa. During the interview, your case officer will ask questions such as the date that you met your partner, when the relationship began, your engagement and marriage details, and your knowledge of your partner's family. Furthermore, the case officer could ask how you share responsibilities and finances in your marriage. Your immigration attorney will prepare you for this interview. Moreover, they will direct you on the questions that you should or should not answer.