How to get a job when migrating to Australia

Moving to Australia is an appealing option for many people in both neighbouring countries and countries further away. The best way of ensuring that you can stay in Australia for a longer period of time than a tourist visa will allow is to get a job. Getting a job can be difficult, especially if you have no contacts in Australia that can help you. However, it's not impossible. To get a job in Australia, there are a few options you can consider.

Your current employment

If you already have employment in your home country, this can help you get a job in Australia as well. If you work in a large company that has offices all around the world, then you can check if they have any available positions in their Australia divisions. Many companies prefer to recruit internally, and if you already work there you have a great advantage when applying for the position abroad. You can also check if your company has any subsidiaries in Australia where you can be transferred. It's also possible that your company has companies in Australia that they trade with, meaning they can give you a good word if you choose to apply for a position in that company.

Migration agents

If you want to move to Australia, you should also consider getting a migration agent that can handle your appeal. Migration agents will help you with the entire process of migrating to Australia, meaning it will be simpler to fill in all the forms and find somewhere to live than if you would have done it yourself. Migration agents can't offer you jobs, but they have great knowledge of where you can apply, as they know about the job market in Australia. They can also help you translate your CV so that it fulfils Australian standards. They can also refer you to agencies that specialise in providing people with jobs.

Start before

You should also make sure you start applying for jobs before you leave for Australia, even if you're not trying to get a job through your current employment. State which date you're expected to arrive in Australia and convey your willingness of coming for an interview. Ask your migration agent for what to write in a cover letter to apply to the Australian job market. Check local newspapers online as well as jobs published on sites directed towards foreign workers. The ads published in local papers usually have fewer applicants, meaning there's a larger chance for you to get called to an interview.